3 of Top 6 Chinese Exchanges Have Added Litecoin

We’ve seen what a powerful force in crypto-currency that China intends to be, with them leading the recent Bitcoin rally to 6989 CNY ($1147.07) on their top exchange BTCChina. With all of this Chinese interest in Bitcoin, surely some of it will bleed over from Bitcoin into Litecoin. We’re already seeing the beginning of it, with Litecoin following in step with Bitcoin, as both of their prices rose to unprecedented levels over the past few days.


It comes with no surprise then that we can announce that 3 of the top 6 Chinese exchanges, FXBTC , OKCOIN, and BTCTRADE are all now offering Litecoin for their users to trade.

The current volume on FXBTC, establishes it as the second leading Litecoin exchange in volume, second only to BTC-E.

We reported that Max Keiser is predicting a $50 Litecoin soon. There is no doubt in our minds, that if the current enthusiasm continues unabated, then we will be seeing numbers higher than that, and sooner than we think.

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