Anoncoin [ANC] prepares comeback full of news

If you have been following Anoncoin market in recent times, you’ve seen that since December the ANC has devalued. Much of this was caused by the absence of information on the part of developers’ team. ANC Chart Some people thought that the anonymous cryptocurrency project had been abandoned. There were even rumors that the NSA – the infamous American Security agency that was created after the false-flag 9/11 attack – had given an end to the activities of the currency pioneer in cryptosecurity.

Nothing but the opposite … How could they stop a project from a community that is paving the way to the anonymity of the cryptocoins and, more than that, of the whole internet? Anoncoin is the only coin that have closely rooted ties with the I2P project – the Invisible Internet project.

JackofAll,  member of the ANC team, decided to investigate the reason for their “disappearance” and brought the information that everyone has been expecting.

Complementing the implementations of new functions such as Zerocoin and stealth addresses, the Anoncoin is changing the way people navigate the internet, by using a use of a Agencies-proof service. Together, ANC and I2P are also developing an I2P router in C++. The result will be that the already unlikely possibility of intercepting communications through MIM attacks (or other techniques) and to decrypt them, the arrival of of I2P routers in C++ would be that anoncoin clients will be default on I2P, while pools will run on clearnet as usual.

Invisible Internet Project - I2P ZeroCoin

But, in addition to the development of all this, there was really a problem.

At one point, Anoncoin came into contact with Matthew Green to help with the implementation of the Zerocoin and ANC. However, Matthew came into contact only once and no longer appeared. By the time of this article, no email or statement was made by Matthew Green explaining the reason for abandoning the project.

Even with this setback, the original concept creator and lead developer of Anoncoin said today that they will continue advancing even without Green’s contribution. It was also informed that they already have a way to implement the Zerocoin in Anoncoin and all the challenges are being overcome for a launch in a timely manner.

As a result of all this, even with the recent devaluation of ANC market value due to lack of information, Anoncoin is a great option for purchasing and is becoming a mainstay for investors, dealers and enthusiasts, since, in addition to offering multiple layers of security – something that no other currency does – they are planning another comeback,  and again with style, as a constantly innovative project on global cybersecurity.

Anoncoin [ANC]

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Andre Torres (Criptonauta) is an impact investment and inclusive enterprises consultant, member of Social Technologies Incubators in two different universities in Brazil – Mato Grosso Federal University (ITCP-UFMT) and Getulio Vargas Foundation (ITCP-FGV). Besides these activities, he’s a researcher at Digital Interactive Media group – MID – in UFMT, and is currently researching about the utilization of cryptocurrency related subjects in solidarity economy projects, with a special interest on microfinance and on educating and empowering the base of the pyramid.

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