– ANC launches website in Brazilian Portuguese

Continuing the comeback of Anoncoin - and in times of elections and the World Cup, also eyeing the Brazilian anonymous, today was inaugurated the site with information about the coin ANC entirely in Portuguese.

For those who speak Portuguese who are not yet following the return of the ANC, perhaps because of the language barrier, they can follow the latest developments of the ANC in this other article, and also visit the new website for more information and invaluable tools for anyone who wants remain anonymous internet, such as through the use of invisible internet via web browser I2P and Tor.

For donations and bounties ;) AKrZ4WNEpGoWJrCtv48aQJP6gCn2P4dHzY

Encryption Scrypt Algorithm
Block Time 3 minutes
Total coins 4,200,000.00
PoW 5 coins/block
Coin reduction Coin/block halves every 306600 blocks (~2 years)
Strong point I2P native support (anonymous darknet)
Official website /
Block Crawler /
Exchanges CriptsyCoinEx and Vircurex



About Andre Torres

Andre Torres (Criptonauta) is an impact investment and inclusive enterprises consultant, member of Social Technologies Incubators in two different universities in Brazil – Mato Grosso Federal University (ITCP-UFMT) and Getulio Vargas Foundation (ITCP-FGV). Besides these activities, he’s a researcher at Digital Interactive Media group – MID – in UFMT, and is currently researching about the utilization of cryptocurrency related subjects in solidarity economy projects, with a special interest on microfinance and on educating and empowering the base of the pyramid.

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