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The world of Bitcoin and criptocurrencies is increasingly diverse. People of all kinds, creeds and talents are getting involved in this movement, taking hold of the concept and using their skills to popularize information about digital currencies.

There is no denying that internauts of cryptocurrency scene are creative and humorous! And nothing more humorous than illustrated satires – cartoons!

Misterbitcoin.info is a site that shares information about the Bitcoin world, always with a cartoon, a comment and a call for an external link associated with news.

The work is developed by Roark Andrade, a Canadian involved with curriculum design, video production and new technologies, which is now expressing himself through a character – a Bitcoin mascot – that appears in many different performances!

The first publish dates of January 09th 2014 and since then, there are at least 10 new cartoons where MisterBitcoin deals with daily Bitcoin situations and provide some tips, for example , like how to search for information about a transaction in BTC.

For those who likes Mister Bitcoin, Roark makes a nice message: “MisterBitcoin is open for commissions and if you want to use art for any purpose, please contact roark.a@gmail.com.

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About Andre Torres

Andre Torres (Criptonauta) is an impact investment and inclusive enterprises consultant, member of Social Technologies Incubators in two different universities in Brazil – Mato Grosso Federal University (ITCP-UFMT) and Getulio Vargas Foundation (ITCP-FGV). Besides these activities, he’s a researcher at Digital Interactive Media group – MID – in UFMT, and is currently researching about the utilization of cryptocurrency related subjects in solidarity economy projects, with a special interest on microfinance and on educating and empowering the base of the pyramid.

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